Ruđer Bošković

Ruđer Bošković (18 May, 1711 – 13 February, 1787) was a physicist, astronomer, mathematician, philosopher, diplomat, poet, theologian, Jesuit priest and a polymath. He was born in the city of Dubrovnik in the Republic of Ragusa (today Croatia). Ruđer Bošković produced a precursor of atomic theory and made many contributions to astronomy, including the first geometric procedure for determining the equator of a rotating planet from three observations of a surface feature and for computing the orbit of a planet from three observations of its position, also a founder of Brera Observatory. In 1753 he also discovered the absence of atmosphere on the Moon. He died on 13 February, 1787 in Milan. In Zagreb in 1950 was founded Institute for Scientific Research in the field of atomic physics that bears his name.

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